June 13, 2024

A variety of sculpture

There are several types of sculpture, each of which has characteristic peculiarities. Let’s consider them from the woodcarver’s point of view.
Garden and park sculpture
First I suggest you pay attention to decorative images and compositions, installed in the open, in courtyards, streets, parks, squares, 1-3 and more meters in height. This type of creativity is called garden and park sculpture. Many years ago, at the beginning of my hobby for carving, in Yalta, I visited the “Glade of Fairy Tales”. The impression remained for life. Carved gate and fence of 33 wooden bogatyrs “met” us at the entrance. And on the glade, the Fox and the Crane, Ivan the Tsarevich, Thumbelina, Pinocchio and other fairy tale characters carved from huge trunks and snags. More than once I also saw in other cities, not only in Russia, in the open space, many sculptures created by folk masters. This genre is widespread not only This genre is not only in Europe. There are competitions in Italy, Finland, Latvia. Recently the 3rd festival of park sculpture took place in the village of Lunkin near Ryazan. 14 carvers from different cities with axes, saws, chisels, electric and petrol saws created their works on the theme “Playground”. I was lucky to be in the competition committee. I think park sculpture is worthy of considerable attention, decorating the habitat human environment and is a type of sculpture. I know craftsmen who carve decorations on their summer cottage plots or in the neighboring park. I suggest you try your hand at this good deed. If you are not yet particularly Don’t worry, if you are not too familiar with anatomy, the wood as a material will help you. the size of the composition. Experienced masters in this genre create unique works. I believe, and you will succeed. In the beginning of the hobby I also tried to carve something in the open air at home, at at a children’s camp, on the shore of the Black Sea. I do not claim to be highly skilled – it was The beginning, but the desire to create on a large scale for their sons, large toys did not leave me. left me. Maybe you too will be inspired, for the sake of children, to create a fairy tale in plain sight. The gratitude of of the audience – try it. It will at the same time bring you closer to the understanding of sculpture.
Station sculpture
It is made in sufficient detail, with elaboration of details, designed for close and attentive observation. It is as if the main form, which absorbed all genres of three-dimensional art. It is a statue in a static or dynamic pose, an abstract or with portrait resemblance, which must be convincing from every angle, as well as Group compositions of two or more figures connected by a common subject matter and solved in the same plastique. Sometimes it is an image of a person with some The image of a person or object complements the composition.
In easel sculpture there is often a bust – the chest image of the man. The artist’s ability to convey the subtle psychological state of the subject is of particular difficulty and value. psychological state of the portrayed, his character and traits. The artist’s not indifferent attitude of the author to the person whose image is created. For For an amateur sculptor a bust is a serious challenge that must be approached with attention and responsibility. Only a thorough knowledge of anatomy and facial plasticity, Human psychology will lead to convincing results and highly artistic work. For the woodcarver understanding of wood as a material is also of great important. It is necessary to feel its subtle possibilities in creating the image, plastic form.
Decorative works
At the beginning of the introduction to human anatomy, I suggest carving small sculptures in the in the decorative genre. The first attempts may prove successful, which will inspire you to more more complicated solutions. You can carve in a square (like a spoon), the shapes can be flat, very very conventional. Wood as a material will help even in simple compositions, reliefs. Edge shape draw plastic. Question of skinning determine the task and the species of wood. Put examples of uncomplicated images. Copy or fantasize. Decorative, plastic forms and images are easy to carve, quick in time and sometimes artistic, if you don’t succeed, don’t feel bad about it. With the acquisition of your
skill, I believe they will become more interesting.

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