June 12, 2024

About the Artist

Some background information:

Randy Hicks is a lifelong resident of Walpole NH and amateur woodworker. My interest in furniture making led me to take lessons in relief carving from a professional carver who also introduced me to Chip Carving. Coming from an engineering background I was intrigued by the geometric element in chip carving design and have been carving for over 22 years. At the urging of friends and family I was encouraged to join a local artist group to show my work professionally.

All of my carving is done in basswood; (Linden) stained and finished with urethane. All carvings from the deepest cuts to the smallest of cuts are done with one knife to produce each segment in the design in one precise crisp cut.

The town of Walpole was chartered in 1752 in honor of Sir Robert Walpole Earl of Orford. Nestled on the banks of the Connecticut River is this picturesque, rural, agricultural town. With numerous working farms, several inns, restaurants, and a active Main Street it’s one town worth visiting.

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