May 24, 2024

Chip Carving Gallery

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    Decorative plates make great gift ideas for family heirloom or as a wedding gift that will stand the test of time. This plates are all hand carved in Basswood and can be handed down for generations to come. They are typically carved with the recipient in mind to make it special. The plates are signed by the artist and can include something small written by the artist to the intended recepient.

    Personalized one of our uniquely designed cutting boards for your next wedding, anniversary, or house warming gift. No matter what the occasion these make a one-of-a-kind gift.

    These highly stylish custom carved wall clocks are designed to liven up any room, kitchen, living room, or hallway. You can put the clocks just about anywhere, give them as gifts, or even use them as promotional giveaways or reward for your business. Remember customization is always available.

    A hand carved recipe box makes the perfect wedding shower gift. Fill it with your family recipes, have a special message put on it and you have an heirloom gift like no other.

    Triangular shaped cuts that create intricate and intriguing designs dancing across the surface of the wood

    The contrast between the dark finish and the light basswood makes for a dramatic effect

    Fine carved mantle clock adorned with foliage and berries will be the conversation piece of your living room, office or den.

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