April 25, 2024

About the “Chip Carvers Newsletter”

The quarterly “Chip Carvers Newsletter” began in April, 1995 and has grown to a major publication in the community of chip carving over the past 12 years mostly by word of mouth.  The newsletter began as a way of preserving what is being done in the “Wonderful World of Chip Carving” today while presenting yesterdays chip carving of the “Old World” style and todays more modern methods of chip carving.

Quarterly Subscriptions is $21.00 per year (4 issues, 24 Pages); Missouri residents only: $22.00 includes Missouri Includes Sales Tax; Outside US with foriegn addresses: $23.00 US Dollars. Add $12.00 to above subscription rate for the newsletter in color.

Newsletter is mailed “First Class Postage.” Postage rates has just gone up again.

Make check or money order payable to Barry McKenzie or Tanglewood Craftworks, 23427 Route 66, Lebanon, MO 65536                                                                                      There is no adverttizing in this newsletter. Please do not staple check!

Each issue of the “Chip Carvers Newsletter” covers only related chip carving on nearly every one of the 24 pages. Chip carving is Barry McKenzie’s business and passion and he is all business in presenting chip carving to chip carvers. Much of the chip carving presented is unique and not seen in published chip carving books that exist today.

The “Chip Carvers (Quarterly) Newsletter” is recording history being made today in chip carving by learning from the past “Old World” style chip with new ideas and being inventive today in unique ways of chip carving. 

Barry has traveled to Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, and The Netherlands to learn chip carving outside of the US. Much of which has been then reworked to fit a more modern appraoch for today. Barry’s inventiveness is unique and steps outside the box at times with new discoveries using many non-traditional methods and styles of chip carving incorporated with “Old World” style and todays more modern methods of chip carving. 

Each issue of the “Chip Carvers Newsletter” takes on a life of it’s own and Barry never knows where he is going with it because he let’s chip carving control the end result of what is published without forcing the newsletter to reflect his views of what chip carving should be.

A listing index of each back issue of the newsletter is available upon request for $1.00. 

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