December 1, 2023

Book: Chip Carving, A Beginner’s Guide

Barry McKenzie is in the process of writing a Beginners Guide in the mechanics of Chip Carving. Barry has given himself a few more years to develope everything he teaches in class to placing in a definative book on the basic fundamentals in the full mechnics of chip carving.

 The book is deigned to cover the full mechanics of WHY chip carving works the way it does. For those experienced chip carvers that have learned chip carving the book will cover areas of chip carving even experienced chip carvers after 15 years of chip carving have never tried.

 Because the book is more of a text book manual on understanding the mechanics of chip carving it will be different from any picture book on chip carving found in book stores today.

Barry McKenzie is determined to place everything he has learned in 19 years of chip carving and teaching chip carving into this “Begiiners Guide on Chip Carving.”

I have given myself several years to finish the first beginner series in the Basics in the Mechanics of Chip Carving. Each year in teaching the Annual All Chip Carvers Show in Novemeber Barry uses the manuscripe to teach from while revising areas Barry want s to improve on or update his thinking from new lessons learned. 

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