May 24, 2024

More About this Website

The purpose of this WEBSITE is to open up windows of oportunity for you the chip carver if you wish to learn the art form of wood carving called chip carving.

Doors are made available to you the chip carver to open up on your own if you are serious about learning the full mechanics of chip carving.

There are many ways to get involved and to help preserve chip carving as we know and pratice it today.

This website hopes to give you a small sample to see what is available and to be taken advantage of them. 

I hope it leads you to the “Chip Carvers Newsletter” that singularly promotes chip carving in the hopes of preserving chip carving for the next generation of chip carvers.

I also hope to convince you to take a workshop in chip carving with me. It will make a big difference in your understanding of chip carving.

Even though I don’t endorse any particular chip carving knife I do have my preferences on what works best for me and those in class.

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