April 25, 2024

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The journey into the wonderful World of Chip Carving is an ongoing discovery in it’s beauty and there is always something new to learn from chip carving. Many lessons learned in life can be applied to chip carving. Chip carving itself has many lessons to teach us in how to conduct and live our own lives.

Patience is one of the first things to learn in chip carving. The second thing is practice and more practice. But you must practice what works and eliminate bad habits that will not help you improve at chip carving. Giving praise is the third thing because we are all given certain skills and abilities as gifts and how we use these gifts to praise God and edify others is important. Then comes along persistance that will keep you going until you master chip carving. Then when sucess at chip carving begins to be routine then Positive Expectancy will begin to predict the outcome of removing chips of wood from the wood surface.

Chip carving is half attitude and half aptitude. Discover what is holding you back and then turn it around by the “Power of a Positive Attitude.

Chip carving has been taught as occupational theropy or a form of reducing stress.

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