June 13, 2024

The Wonderful World of Chip Carving

Chip carvers are few and far between.

The community of chip carving is spread out around the world and not conducive to any one group of people or area of the world. However there are pockets of chip carvers in one place while in other places chip carving does not exist. Most chip carvers are unknown except for family and friends that are blessed to receive a chip carving from the chip carver. Blessed are those that are close to a chip carver.

The goal of the “Chip Carvers Newsletter,” and Barry McKenzie School of Chip Carving, going on the road to conduct workshops in chip carving to those that can’t get to Lebanon, Missouri and with the publication of chip carving articles in wood carving magazines all to bring attention to chip carving as a serious art form of woodcarving.

Promoting chip carving with the goal of preserving chip carving for the next generation is the purpose behind all of these efforts.

Even though in many countrys chip carving is considered only a craft or folk art we want to see our chip carving in America more as a serious art form of wood carving.

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